The Weather Channel Max App Reviews

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When upgrades are downgrades

I agree with all these negative reviews, but this "upgrade" is so bad it deserves to be piled on. Taking the efficient app and making it inefficient should be a capital crime in the software world. Deleted this now-maddening app.

update- I still want a refund!

I have been using other apps. I still want a refund. Very disappointed with your mega Corp. Your forecasts were usually wrong 90% of the time. 90% chance of rain usually meant no rain, or you would change it ever other hour. I think Ill spend my money on the Farmers Almanac. At least Ill have better odds knowing the forecast. (past post) I paid for this app and now you are removing it??? What a bunch of crap. I want my money back. Why did I have to buy it! What a scam. WeatherMax is max-fraud. Is this a joke? Have you seen the reviews?

Its a shame...

The Weather Channel Max app with zero ads and a great experience was certainly worth the one-time $4.99 purchase price. Now TWC wants us to pay an annual subscription to remove the ad clutter they insisted on injecting into the modern app? Sure, I understand the developers need a paycheck and all that good stuff, but thats why we bought the Max app in the first place; we already paid for a great experience. An annual subscription fee is outrageous! You messed up, TWC.

Just awful

This new version is awful. I am now checking other sites to get additional information, like My Radar. Who came up with this new version? Did he/she get a bonus? It should be taken back. Its not easy to look at, and cheap looking. Very disappointing. Fix it. Bring the old one back.

What you need

This is all the weather info you need in a quick intuitive app. I have the cities I travel between all programmed in and can see the varying weather with a simple side scroll. Thanks!

Negative stars-

Im not even going to ask what is going on with TWC Max. To me its okay to release new versions but, please, make previous versions available.

Just trying to scare people for ratings.

So many people have already harpooned this sick Whale that I wont bother going into my distaste for the directions the Weather Channel is going.

Hate it

Please bring back the old version!! This version is difficult to navigate, and the user interface is horrible. Also, it keeps shutting off my severe alerts and changing the location for alerts as well. Please bring back the old one.

Went from best to worst in one update

If it aint broke dont fix it. This app went from the apex of utility to the very bottom in one update. Oh yeah, you want to start charging me to not have advertising? I bought WeatherMax, the ad-less forever Weather Channel, back when it was a real app. Now its a cruel joke, useless, the poster child for apps gone wild. Avoid.

Bring back the old version!!!

This app is worthless now. I want the app I paid for. Bring back the old version.

Longtime user

I have depended on this app for years. It is now garbage, I will need to find something that is usable!

What the what

After not updating for a long time they update and stop support for the app. Not cool. It never worked for me and now it is not supported.

Hate the new format

Really disappointed in the new version. Weather news from areas youre not even viewing is a pita. Takes several scrolls to find what youre looking for. No longer intuitive. No idea why they strayed so far from what made them awesome. Will have to find a new weather app.

Right On

I dont know why all these idiots dont like this app. Its way better than before. Dont listen to those may Sayers Good job

Its ruined

You guys shouldve pulled the weather Channel app altogether and not call it the same thing expecting us paid users to be happy. This app is junk!

Clever to Clunky

Much cleaner but more searching, scrolling and clicking.

Ruined a great all

This app has been ruined. It was the best around. A tremendous step backward. Wow.

Ruined app

This app was great before you changed it. Also, it rains here. I dont need alerts all night telling me it is raining. I do need Tornado Alerts. That is all. You should be able to select alerts that you want and kill the ones you dont want.

New Version is terrible

Loved the app until it was upgraded to new version. Just a scrambled up mess. Using a different weather app now. Hoping you change it back soon!

Weather channel max format

You really ruined a fantastic app. I had 4 locations set to check on my own and family members weather. It was a joy and a hobby for me. Now it is so hard to get the low and high at a swipe and all I do is scroll down. Afterwards, I still do no know what the forecast is. Baddd format! Why did you mess with a perfect app? Morons!